Cashflow strest test template

We are working on a cashflow simulation tool in order to stress test individual clients cashflow position.
This template provides every accountant with a tool to calculate and simulate clients cashflow over a period of 8 coming weeks. To make it possible to zoom really zoom in on every client file. To have a proper discussion with clients regarding the impact of COVID-19 on their business, and/or challenge clients in how to survive the coming two months.

Start from the current cash positon of you client.
Simulate the impact of work capital needs.

Addiontally, predict cash in and cash out movements for the coming 8 weeks.
See cash impact instantly, discuss and make disicions in how to cover the next two months

Run multiple scenarios and coach client in need throughout this tuff period.

Keep track of made discision and instantly see the impact on clients cash situation.
Silverfin also provides you with a specific template with a holistic overview of all possible measurements. This for every specific area.

@DomienClaeys great initiative - could you consider expanding this to 13 weeks?
That equals 1 quarter and pretty much best practice in the world of investors, banks & shareholders.
Happy to join forces as we also plan to install this internally.

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Hello !
Very nice template !
Instead of using a % of the customers/suppliers to be paid in the next X days, we would like to see the aged balance by customer/supplier and be able to retype in the appropriate week the amount to be paid for each of them. It would be easier than computing a general ratio…
This is a discussion we had with a client during a practice session.


Thank’s you !


Thanks for your feedback!
Make sure to follow this community page the comming days.
We are working on a updated release of this template pack. Without spoiling our development scope, you will find what you need in there :wink:

Updates will be communicated here and on the Silverfin Marketplace.

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Hello !
Currently, I do not see any change in the template in the marketplace (Covid-19 guide Belgium). Will the aged balance by customer/supplier be added to the template or will it replace the % of the customers/suppliers ?
Thank’s you

Hey @bpirmez,

The update should made this possible now:
Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 11.48.59
in which you can manually enter the correct amount of open payables & receivables without the need to enter a percentage.

If you once entered percentages before our update, then we will still show those. You can leave them and still use them, or delete them to start from scratch if wished of course.

Does this help you further @bpirmez?