Changelog is always showing updates to shared parts

I use a lot of shared parts to eliminate duplicate code in my templates. This works nicely except when I want to see the changes in my actual templates. Shared parts change a lot more then my reconciliation templates which basicaly means the changelog is useless to me. I’ll have 10 pages of shared part changes before I see any changes in my reconciliation itself.

I would LOVE to have a way of filtering out the shared part changes, please help me out!

Hi @ronald_groot_RSF

I can definitely see where you’re coming from, the changelog can feel “cluttered” when you’ve been updating both shared parts and a template’s local code.
The code in shared parts is as much part of a templates’ codebase as code in local parts is though, that’s why it will always be included in the changelog of a template that’s using the shared part.
We don’t have a solution for the cluttered changelog right now, but it has been recorded as a feature request and we will inform you when we have something in place that can help you keep a better overview of code changes.

Kind regards,

Hi @Romy_Vermeeren

thanks for your reply. I understand why its there and am glad to here the feature request has been recorded!