Checklist Wet Continuïteit Ondernemingen (WCO)

Hi There,

I want to make a checklist regarding the WCO.
Because this is the first time I started such a list, I was hoping to get some tips and tricks :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

Hello @Sven.G,

Interesting case! Would be gladly to help you with this, step by step.

Firstly, I think this will be an interesting read for you : link to slides for beginners

Let me know where you need help; in those slides there are plenty of tricks and tips.

Good luck, and love to hear from you how it’s going with the custom made text template for WCO.

Hey @Sven.G,

I came across this topic, searching if anyone needs checklists for the so-called WCO.

This is something I have developed for the Marketplace of Silverfin; if you interested, have a look here. :blush: