Reconciliation with multiple choice


We want to create a new reconciliation but we are not experts. We want to do as in the picture, that is to say a title and various questions with a possibility of answering with “Yes; No ".

Is it possible to give us the code for the title and 2-3 questions then we will know how to manage to finalize our reconciliation

Hello @THANAS,

What do you mean by no experts? Just I don’t want to overthrow you with Liquid code if the basics are not known yet.

Maybe this can be a start?

However, if you are not yet acquainted with any Liquid logic, it might be a better idea to follow our Silverfin Developer Bootcamps here, but they might all be fully booked.

Please, let us know if this can be a start already. If not, we are here to help. So don’t hold back to ask any help

Hello Sven,
Thank you for your answer, it will help us to start in the liquid code. Is it possible to send me the liquid code for this reconciliation? This is something that we want to put in place quickly.

Thanks for your help,

That’s a screenshot of a paying template from the marketplace, so I hope you understand we can not just give that source code :pray:

Also, it’s very pleasing to hear you want to start building, and even if it is a bit unusual to start right away with such case without any background (we simply cannot just built code through the Community by request, as the goal is to guide you toward your desired template), we can however offer some dummy code and start from there. Sounds like a plan? :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s an example you might be able to use, but please, just let me know if you run into any issues and we are here to help:

{% comment %}translations{% endcomment %}
{% t= "yes_no" nl:"Ja|Nee" fr:"Qui|Non" default:"Yes|No" %}

{% comment %}some needed variables{% endcomment %}
{% capture y_n_options %}{% t "yes_no" %}{% endcapture %}

{% comment %}table with questions{% endcomment %}
{% stripnewlines %}
| Question
| Answer
{% newline %}

{% comment %}Q one{% endcomment %}
{% newline %}
| This is question one? 
| {% input custom.q_1.check as:select options:y_n_options option_values:"Y|N" required:true %}

{% comment %}Q two{% endcomment %}
{% newline %}
| This is question two? 
| {% input custom.q_2.check as:select options:y_n_options option_values:"Y|N" required:true %}

{% endstripnewlines %}

Also, there’s a ton of information on our developer site here:
And you can have a look at the slides from the Bootcamps as well perhaps:
General information Silverfin Templating Language (links, slides, ...)

But if this still isn’t working out, keep in mind we are here to guide you with every step (even if that means dissecting every part of the template & code, and explaining/guiding you :muscle:)

Hi @THANAS :wave:

How is this working out for you?

Hello sven,

thank you for your feedback, that’s exactly what we wanted.

Thank you for the different links, it will be very useful to us

Very glad to hear that! :slightly_smiling_face: