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I have a template which is adjustable for the different languages (depending on the language of the user).
When I look at the preview in Silverfin, my document is correctly in Dutch. When I do an export of the document, the export is also correct (in Dutch). The problem occurs when I push the document to Connective or Ok!sign with the integration. Then the pdf is in English. Am I doing something wrong in the code or isn’t it possible to work with different languages in one template when you want to use the digital signing fields?

Thanks in advance !

Kind regards,
Jolien Hoekman

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Hi Veerle,

I’m looking into your issue right now.
However in order to correctly investigate your translation issue in the API, I would require some information regarding the document you’re sending over to Connective and/or Ok!Sign.
Would it be possible to provide me some details on that?

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Dear Jelle,

Thanks for your reply.
To verify wether the problem is caused by a code error or wether it is a general error, I’ve created the following easy document:
{% t= “test” en:“testen” fr:“testfr” nl:“test” %}
{% t “test” %}

{% signmarker name:“Steve” %}

When I push this document to OK!Sign or connective, I get “testeng” as output.

If you need further information, feel free to ask.

Kind regards,
Jolien Hoekman

Hi Jolien,

I’ve raised your issue with our developers, because it seems that whenever the English translation is available in the template, that language will be used to export the .pdf within our API.
In order to solve this, a fix will have to be implemented to allow this API endpoint to export the .PDF in the language preference set by the user.

As soon as I have more information, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Thanks for getting back to this so quickly. We are looking forward to a solution :grin: