Iterate through Company Templates within liquid code. Ability to get all flagged languages

Beneatht the menu templates you can see

  • Reports
  • Texts
  • Account templates
  • client templates

In that last category we configured some countries with linked languages. Now we desire to list all selected languages for a certain country.

As you’re in the ability to iterate through reports / reconciliations. I was wondering whether a drop is exposing the client templates to us too?

On today I was unable to figure out an ability to read that stored data from within liquid.

I’m currenlty wondering whether we can read that data from within liquid? (if yes can you add a small code snippet showing how to?)
Is there an ability to read the languages flagged on a client template?

Best regards

Ruben Moerman

Hey @rumoerman,

If I understand you correctly, you want to get data from all your files? Or do you wish to get that info from within a file? The later is not possible, and the first one, is more Silverfin Insights (which can query data all over your files).

May I ask for the use case of this?