Checking whether a template has been added for a client


How can I check with Liquid code whether a reconciliation (or other) template has been added for a certain client (example whether the template ‘kapitaal’ has been activated for a client)?


Hey @Bart_Verhaeghe,

Good question again :+1:

For now, only reconciliation templates can be checked whether or not they’ve been added to the working papers by this code for example (given that the recon template needs a handle) :

{% unless period.reconciliations.handle_recon != blank %}
give some warning ... 
{% endunless %}

For account templates it’s different, and I wonder if it’s really needed to check if an account has details made by the right template or not (account templates don’t have handles, but you could get custom objects, unique for each acc template, out of it. This was already discussed here :

However, is this really what you should going for? Isn’t it better to check on details and templates, and that inputted data in there, is correct or not? Because that last, can’t be automated (there’s no way for Silverfin to know that f.i. the account 100000 has correct details - we only check on the total of those details and compare it to the value of the account).

Therefor (in my opinion), could it be a better option to give each template a check that needs to be done by a supervisor for instance. When that is done, only then you can get a green dot f.i.

In here you’ll find some more guidance:

and here :

and here :

So you really could a complete workflow inside the templates by all of this. If you’re stuck with this, let me know.
This has of course an enormous impact on the baro-meter whether the working papers are finished or not.

Good luck! Beautiful case :muscle:

OK thanks Sven … And a fantastic lecture yesterday … the tip about tag _ tab that gives the whole structure alone was already worth the afternoon … Congrats!

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