Issue with sign_markers in export_pdf_instances-endpoint


We would like to export pdf instances and send them to a third party app through API to handle our signing flow. For this we wanted to use the ‘export_pdf_instances’ endpoint.

While testing (GET call to a specific export instance) I noticed that within the sign_markers in the response I never seem to get a ‘role’ or ‘on_behalf_of’-value, even though these values are actually filled in in the ‘bedrijfsparameters’-template. Furthermore when the signer is a natural person the ‘name’-value always returns an empty string (this problem doesn’t occur when the signer is a legal entity). The only values that are correctly carried over are the ‘email’ and the ‘id’ of the signer.

Is there something we’re missing for this to work, or could this be a bug in the ‘export_pdf_instances’ endpoint?

Hi Maxime,

This means that in the liquid code, for the template that you are trying to export, the sign marker has no value assigned to the “on_behalf_of” and “role” parameters.

{% signmarker name:name_of_object email:email_of_object role:role_of_object on_behalf_of:object_on_behalf_of%}

Which template are you trying to export? I can have a look in that liquid code to see if these parameters have been added in the sign marker.

Hi Jelle, I’ve tried exporting both the ‘Notulen van de vergadering van het bestuursorgaan/de zaakvoerder(s)’ (id: 17410381) and the ‘Notulen van de algemene vergadering’ (id: 10019130) texts.
These seem to be official Silverfin templates so I prefer not to tamper with them.

Below I’ve attached images of the last page from each of these two exports so you can see the sign markers do appear ok here.

Could you please take a look at these and let me know how/if this could be fixed without me having to manipulate the templates myself?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for noting this.

Our developers are working on it and we will let you know once this has been fixed.

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Hi @Maxime.Lambrechts

we started working on the signmarkers in our legal docs. We streamlined the sign markers in all the legal texts and made some improvements so the sign marker is not shown above fixed text.

We were now looking at your request, but noticed some ambiguity in it. In your first message you are referring to ‘role’ and ‘on behalve of’ in the company information. Do you mean the following information:
→ role = function in the company
→ on behalf of = name representative

Further, in the second message you refer to 2 legal texts:

  • Notulen van de vergadering van het bestuursorgaan/de zaakvoerder(s)
  • Notulen van de algemene vergadering

with the message : you can see the sign markers do appear ok here. Can you elaborate if we need to change something? Is everything hence ok for these or the rest of the legal texts?

Thanks for your clarification.

Kind regards

Hi @Sofie_Cleemput1

Yes, those are the values I referred to.

So if I for example send a GET call to ‘’ I would receive the following json-response:

‘created_at’: ‘2021-02-22T13:51:08.784+01:00’,
‘download_url’: ‘/stacks/production-002/rails/active_storage/blobs/…’,
‘export_pdf_id’: ‘91605’
‘id’: ‘5090637’,
‘results’: {},
‘sign_markers’: [
{‘email’: ‘sven@…’, ‘id’: ‘77f5aaa07552bf’, ‘name’: ‘Applico BV’, ‘on_behalf_of’: None, phone: ‘’, role: None},
{‘email’: ‘Ewout.Keuleer@…’, ‘id’: ‘220da8cf9e0e5c’, ‘name’: None, ‘on_behalf_of’: None, phone: ‘’, role: None}
‘state’: ‘created’,
‘title’: ‘Notulen Zaakvoerders’

In my previous answer I attached the result of this export so you could see that the sign_markers do appear ok there in the document even though they are not actually filled in in the API response itself. These missing values are indicated in bold in the example above.
I need these values so my script can use them to create the necessary signing flow in Penneo (=> our digital signing app).

At first I just thought it was a bug in the ‘export_pdf_instances’ endpoint itself but then Jelle said it had to do with the underlying templates used in the export_instance, so I’m not sure which part you have to change to fix this issue.

Thanks for the clarification @Maxime.Lambrechts .

I did a first update in the legal text document : Notulen van de algemene vergadering. I added the signmarkers for role and on_behalf_of

{% signmarker phone:person.custom.phone_number role:person.custom.function on_behalf_of:person.custom.represented_by_name %}

Can you verify if this is what you expect? So we can amend the other text documents?

Kind regards

@Sofie_Cleemput1 I just made a new export style with the ‘Notulen van de algemene vergadering’-text (id=10019130) in it, created the export and then fetched the associated data trough API.
But as you can see in the attached screenshots the issue still persists.

api_response sign_markers_applico

Hi @Jelle @Sofie_Cleemput1 @Jelena_Sutova

The development of our signing-flow has been blocked by this issue for almost a full month now, could someone please give me a status update?

Hi @Maxime.Lambrechts

Sorry to keep you waiting . We are working upon those signmarkers. If you check, you should already have a lot more details coming through the API. We are currently looking at translating the role (number now) into the detailed function and will look for a sustainable code in all the legal texts.

Kind regards

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