Docusign Integration : Additional fields

HI Team,

We have integrated Docusign with the silverfin and it is working as expected. Nevertheless, I have few questions,

  1. Is it possible to set a signing Order directly in silverfin, in which the user need to sign the documents? For instance, the document first need to sign by Preparer, then by manager then by the client.

  2. Is it possible to set the person as ‘CC_email’ user (No signature required, just to view) in silverfin (using Signmarker tag) and send that info to Docusign?

  3. Is there any other variables that can be set using signmarker tags and send it to Docusign? (as i know Name, Email, Role and phone number)

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Hi Nikhil,

These are very good suggestions as extra functionality to improve the DocuSign integration.
I will ask one of my colleagues from our partnership team to contact DocuSign for this, if you want you can already forward your suggestions towards the helpdesk of DocuSign as well. I’ll make sure someone here will get in touch with them.

The reason we need to contact them is because these functionalities will have to be implemented on their dashboard. That way, when you request a document to be signed, you’ll be redirected to their page and can determine the order of the documents, the people that need to be added in CC.

In regards to the extra variables, what variables would you suggest to have added to the signmarker tags?
Currently we’ve added those fields since they were the requirements presented to us by the different eSigning partners. Please let me know which field might be interesting to add here, and I’ll pass it along to investigate.

Kind Regards,