Docusign Integration


Whether Docusign integration is possible in silverfin?

Meanwhile i found the related topic, here in the link, where silverfin was foreseeing integrating with Docusign, CASE: implement digital signatures into templates
whether docusign already integrated with the Silverfin?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Nikhil,

Silverfin has an integration with Docusign (more info here, Dutch article though), or you can always check the Silverfin Marketplace which integrations are all possible.

keep in mind it is required to contact the partner (Docusign) to activate the needed settings first

However, if this question relates to how make your custom (text) templates (such as legal texts) work with any e-signing integration, please check these cases for it (which you already found one of them):

Hi @sven ,

Thank you for the solution. Now, we have integrated Docusign to Silverfin, with the help of silverfin support team and able to see Docusign option in the Document Section.
However, Docusign option is available only if the file format is in text (<>), and if the file format is in Word or pdf the docusign option is not visible. Is it possible to enable the Docusign option also for Word or Pdf format ? Or Is there any work around ?

Hi @Nikhil,

Not sure if I get the question tbh :see_no_evil:

Do you mean you don’t see the option of DocuSign in templates you expect them to be?
Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 09.43.42

Or do you mean you expect to see that option too if you click on a WORD- or PDF-file under the section Documents of your company file? Because that option will only be possible in a template, as it’s there where the sign-markers are generated.
So the integration only works with liquid templates (so templates that hold the signmarker tags).

Hi @sven,

Yes, I don’t see the option of Docusign in templates where i am expecting to be.

For instance,

  1. For empty text file (without the signmaker tags), it is showing Docusign option, : I was not expecting Docusign option here as it does not contains signmarker tags.

  1. For the word or pdf file, where it has sign markers tags (added in the liquid templates), it is not showing Docusign option, : where i am expecting Docusign option as it has sign marker tags in the liquid templates.

Okay, thought so…

So to be clear: this isn’t related to Liquid, but just how the integration works. You always have to start from the template (as that holds the most up-to-date information, while a PDF or WORD file can be outdated).

Ah, you wish to sign a set of templates as one flow…
Well, for now, in Silverfin there is no way doing that unless you let each template to be signed individually.

Now, what could be done as a workaround, is to make one template that summarises all other templates, and add the sign-markers in that template.
But I do admit, that’s a lot of workaround to be done.

We are aware of the use-cases though (eg signing the BE Annual Accounts in one flow), but I’m afraid to disappoint you here (it is part of our backlog).
You can always contact our support ( for status around this, as this isn’t related to liquid.