Sign documents in Silverfin

Hi everyone!

I have a question about digital signing in Silverfin.
I have heard that there is a possibilty in which the clients can sign the documents digitally.

I also understood that there was liquid code needed to install this.

Can anyone give me more information about this?
How does it work? Can you still get the automatic Silverfin updates on the templates and use the signing-thing? Is there an extra cost for this?
I really need loads of information!

FYI: We also work with FID Manager and they have a signing module implemented, but that is only for their own templates and cannot be used on e.g. Silverfin templates. At least, that is what Silverfin told me.


Thank you for your question.

At the moment you can only digitally sign text documents. BE text documents already have digital signature code added.

If you need to add digital signing to custom text document, please add liquid code. This case explains how to do it: CASE: implement digital signatures into templates

To sign documents digitally, you need to set up Ok!Sign integration.
Information how to do it:

Please let us know if you need any additional information.


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