Custom drop in a text different from a reconciliation

It appears that when I use a custom drop (e.g. input, that this has a different behaviour in a text as compared to a reconciliation.
When I put info in “”, this info is available in any period if I use “” in a text.
However, if I use the “” in a reconciliation and I then put info in this “”, this info seems to be only available for that specific period where I have put in the info.
I thought that for both cases, I needed a to be able to have the info only available in a certain period. But as I see now, this would not be the case for a reconciliation, but only if used in a text.
Is this correct? Can you please comment on this?

Hi @Warde ,

Texts are templates that are not period specific, so if you want info to be only available in a certain period you will indeed need Reconciliations on the other hand are templates that display information that is linked to a period. So no need to add the “period.” as the information will automatically be linked to the specific period where you have entered the data.

Hope this answers your question.

Kind regards,

Top! Tx, is fully clear now.