Custom report - problem with Formulas


I have prepared a Custom Report. This is a kind of Profit & Loss account with subcategories. It includes only the costs, not the profits.
I need to perform calculations at the bottom of my report. I have to check if my costs correspond to my profits (a kind of COST+5%).

Because of my accounts are already assigned in the first part of my report, I can’t integrate them into my formulas.

I’d like to be able to have:
(# 60 * 105% + # 61 * 105% + … + # 65 * 100% + # 66 * 100% - # 75 * 100% - # 76 * 100%) = SUBTOTAL

And then compare the SUBTOTAL with the # 70 and calculate the possible difference.

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You could give the groups a tag and reuse that tag in the formula. This way, when you change the group of a certain account, it would be taken along in the formula.

If you would like to proceed with referring the accounts directly in the fomula, it would be best to do something like:

#60*1.05 + #61*1.05 + #62__76

Hi Tim,

It isn’t possible because my groups are different of the normal order of the accounts.

For example, in one of my groups, I have the account #610711 and the #630200.

Clear, then I would do the formula, so #60*1.05 + #61*1.05 + #62__76, did that work out for you?

Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot. It works ! I forgot the #… :frowning:

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