Differences of reporting by Month/Quarter/Year

Mostly just a curious question.

But if there is a situation where one is building out both:

  1. Quarterly financial statements for a client
  2. Annual Year-End financial statements for that same client

Would it be wise to have two separate clients for these instances? (even though it is being built for same client) Or could you just consolidate both builds into 1 client and use code like “period.minus_1y.” and “period.minus_1p” to bring in information for the different periods.


Hi @pgallagher,

combining quarterly financial statements and annual year end financial statements for the same client is indeed possible if you have a quarterly frequency in Silverfin for this client file. As you suggest you can make use of “period.minus_1y.” and “period.minus_1p” to bring in information from previous periods.

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Oh interesting, okay thank you! Is there a reason therefore for needing to have different periods at all when creating a client? If you can just call period.minus_1y and period.minus_1p

Hi @pgallagher,

If you have a company file with monthly frequency for example, it would mean you can built monthly, quarterly and yearly statements.
If you have a company file with only yearly frequency, it’s not possible at all to built quarterly or monthly statements.

So, it’s a good question though, and one should really think about before creating company files. In an ideal world you’d go for monthly files, but in reality that’s not always needed (or possible for that matter).

Hope this information helps :relaxed:

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thanks Sven!