Disclosure Liquidation reserve

In a new disclosure, I need to recover the data from the first table of the disclosure Liquidation reserve.

The data of the columns “Datum einde boekjaar”, “Bedrag” and “Verlaagde taxatie vanaf” is not a problem.

I need also the data from the columns “Bedrag van de opneming van de oudste liquidatie¬reserve (FIFO) - huidig BT” and “Remaining balance”. For these data, I don’t find which field I need to recover.

Can you help me please?

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Hi @svalais

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

Looks like we currently don’t generate results for these values in the template so we would need to deploy an update to make that possible.

Can you use any results from the 275 A form in the Corporate Tax package to achieve your goal?

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Wouter Bruynsteen

Hi Wouter,

It is not from the disclosure 275A but for the disclosure Liquidation reserve from the workflow Werkdossier.

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Hey @svalais

Yes, as mentioned, we don’t generate the results to take those values from that template directly at the moment.

Can you explain us more about your use-case and how you would like to see those results? (values per row, per year, etc.)

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This is what I have in the disclosure Liquidation reserve in workflow Werkdossier:

In my other disclosure I need the following informations, only for the lines with a positive amount:

No problem to retrieve the data from the 3 first columns (no results fields also). I have only a problem for the 2 latest columns.

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