Configure tax template 275A liquidatiereserve using Configuratie


is it possible to automatically fill in the template 275A Liquidatiereserve using the field “configuratie”?

We’re using a custom template “Liquidatiereserve” in which we give an overview of the booked liquidationreserve per year.

It looks lik this:

Is it possible to link the result of the column “BEDRAG” to the tax template and keeping in mind

For example: current year (31/12/2018) “Gewone liquidatiereserve” 8.630,73 is booked.
can I refer to this “result” in template 275 A - Liquidatiereserve?

Hi AlexanderDB

we see the feature that you are requesting. Using the configuration to add the result tags wouldn’t be clean coding. Therefor, we are going to foresee some result tags in the template 275 A Liquidatiereserve that you can use in your custom template.

Kind regards