'document opvragen'

Where can I found the code for ‘document opvragen’?

Hello @Thijs,

That’s a separate object you’ll need to create, with the as:file tag in it.

So you could use something like this :

{% input custom.some.annex as:file %}

Could you try with this? Of course you can name the object anything you want.

Be sure to check out the slides as well of the workshops here

Hi Sven,

Then i get :


But i would like the possibility that you can request a document from someone as in my previous post.

That you can communicate with someone? That’s done outside of the templates @Thijs, you can use a note or todo for that.

Why would you want in a detail (template) of an account, if I may be so curious?

Dear Sven,

I think you didn’t understand me…

When you move over the detail in the template (see first post). A cloud icon shows up


When you click on it, you can request a document from someone:


I would like use this option on one of my other created templates.

Sorry @Thijs I didn’t understand…

The reason for that is, that what you show, is not even possible anymore in Silverfin. It was a while back ago (before I started at Silverfin to be honest, that’s why I never saw it).

Sorry to disappoint; the code behind it once isn’t even Liquid, so you wouldn’t be even able to make it in a custom template of your own.

But, should be great if it would be possible again. But for now, I’ll have to disappoint you I’m afraid.

Ok, thanks for the anwser!