Drawing list of dates from Insights

Hi, we’re trying to create a list of all companies of which the book year starts after a given date (eg. after 01/01/2007)

However, we can’t seem to get the formula to work, and it feels like SF cannot handle date values in the filtering options. We tried comparisons with dates (eg. 01/01/2007), tried inserting a number as comparison value, but it just sends back an error. Even when just trying out the “select all” option, nothing is retrieved:

Any idea what we are doing wrong?

Hi @Wsteppe

It’s indeed not possible to use period.year_start_date in a formula since this only supports account numbers, account ranges or basic arithmetic.

However, if you can request the year start date from a result, then you should be able to do that check with a reconciliation data filter.

So for example if I add this result to a reconcilation:

{% assign year_start_date = period.year_start_date | date:"%Y-%m-%d" %}
{% result 'year_start_date' year_start_date %}

Then I can use that result in a reconcilation data filter:


Does this help you further?

Kind regards


Yes, the error also appears to have been fixed, so we can just use the result that’s already present in the “information concerning the declaration” template.