Accessing result processing entry

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I am trying to create a function that checks if the result of the last book year has been correctly processed in the administration. For example:
Equity per 31-12-2021: 100.000
Result in 2021: 50.000

If I process this result in the administration (Exact Online in this case), 50.000 will be booked to equity. It seems like this happens in a ‘period zero’, a period between the last period of the last book year and the first period of the current book year. The value of equity at 01-01-2022 will then be 150.000.

I would like to access this value at 01-01-2022. If I use the accounts drop ‘opening_value’ in period 1 of 2022, it returns the value at 31-12-2021 (100.000) and not at 01-01-2022 (150.000). I think this is because the ‘result processing’ booking takes place between these two dates and does not get captured. Using ‘value’ in period 1 of 2022 does include this result processing booking, but will return the value at the end of the period, which is also not what we want.

My question: is it possible to access the value at 01-01-2022 in this case, or ‘capture’ this result processing booking in any other way?


Hi @david_rsf and welcome to the Developer Community!

This is a very specific use case, and not one that you can easily solve with liquid.
It’s not possible to fetch the account value at just any specific date (in this case the first day of the year), the account would always need be tied to a period.

What does have a date however is the transactions, you could potentially start with the opening value and then loop through the transactions on the account until you’ve reached a fixed date. See this case e.g.
Though we don’t recommend looping over the transactions drop as this can have a negative impact on the performance of your template.

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