Opening_value question

I am struggling with the opening value of the account 140000.
In period 09/2016 (last period financial year) the present value is 8231.92

In period 09/2017 the current value is 0, but the opening value should be 8231.92. How do I get this value?

See code and print screens to see what happens:



> {{}}
> **Account range** {% input custom.invullen.accounts_reserves as:account_collection accounts_var:reserves_accounts range:1 %}
>   | number|name|value actual|value opening| transferred_opening_value {% for a in reserves_accounts %}
>   |{{ a.number }}| {{ }} |{{a.value}} |{{a.opening_value}}| {{a.transferred_opening_value}} {% unless forloop.last %}, {% endunless %}{% endfor %}

Hey @Katrien,

Are we sure that 9/2016 is indeed the last period of previous book year?

We calculate the opening value by doing the value of the current year minus the value of last year.
You could test this with following code:

current value = {{ period.accounts.140000 }}
previous year = {{ period.minus_1y.accounts.140000 }} 

What does this give you?

The above code does work.



Can you list how the booking years are defined?

If 9/2016 is not the last period of previous book year, but it’s 10/2016 and in that period we counter book that amount (so the end value of 140000 is back to zero), then it’ll explain why you have 0,00 as an opening balance @Katrien

PS @Katrien,

apparently I got confused quite a lot yesterday : the opening value is of course calculated by taking the result of the account in the last period of previous book year (and not taken the current value minus that value of last year). My apologies.

Anyway, still need to dive deeper into this because I can only think of something related to book years.


Looked deeper into this, and it seems there is a setting wrong in the company data:


Not sure how it got there, but if you have data in years before 2017, this setting should be changed to 2013-09-30 perhaps?

This setting makes it so that we can’t look a (book)year back in Liquid if we are in 2017 (because we think it’s the first year, and therefor there is no previous year).

Can I fix this to 2013-09-30 for you? I think it’ll work then.

Oke let’s try that. i do not know how the years before that date come into the system

Done that just now @Katrien, should work again now. Think it was related because the file switched from sync A (which has end first year on 2013 probably) to sync B (which probably has 2017 as first year).
Minor bug (not related to Liquid directly) that I’ve sent to our dev-team for a future fix of course.

Could you check and clarify it’s okay now?

i can not see any changes! the 140000 in period 09/2017 is still zero

Sorry for going back and forth @Katrien, but found it now.

The issue is that in the current period 9/2017 the account 140000 is actually ZERO
Probably related to sync B where no opening balance is booked in the accounting tool; you can fix that however with this:


This will generate the opening balance from within Silverfin, based upon what we have of numbers in the previous year of Silverfin.

But that’s not the point. The objects opening_balance will only be displayed if the account in the current period has data (which it doesn’t). That’s standard if you select accounts that we don’t display it if it hasn’t data in the current period.
By this code you can test that:

{% for acc in period.accounts.140000 %}
{{ acc.opening_value }}
{% endfor %}

It won’t show the opening balance; if you add the attribute include_zeros however:

{% for acc in period.accounts.140000.include_zeros %}
{{ acc.opening_value }}
{% endfor %}

It will display the opening balance. Because then we look at accounts in the current period that are zero as well.

However, it is correct we assume this because in reality, that account actually doesn’t have a opening balance in 9/2017 (but that’s not directly related to the Liquid issue here, sort of).

Hope this helps @Katrien