Export disclosure in style

Hello @svalais,

Above is part of detail text that is used to generate exports, but what I need is the code of the template itself.
In there, I should be able to get a closer look; I suspect an ifi-statement on the custom-object that generates a string for the account-collection.

I’ll try to explain in more detail.

if you have this code for instance

{% input custom.range.accounts as:account_collection range:6,7 default:611 accounts_var:cars %} 

What happens here, is that the accounts_var will get filled with everything related to the accounts-drop as you know, but could it be that in your template, you do a check in the custom object custom.range.accounts?
Because that custom object will give nothing unless you change the accounts by clicking on the #. This behaviour is explained here as well - a default-value is never saved into the custom obect unless you actually input the value.

That is the reason why we invented the accounts_var, so it automatically does save something without actually clicking on the # or inputting something.

If not clear, I’m gonna need to ask you to post the code of the template where this issue persists. I’ll be gladly help you forward into the right direction.