Simple account template - error

Hi guys,

I’ve tried to make a simple account template with a plain textbox and an option to add attachtments. When there is more than a few lines of text with a couple of enters, I get something weird in my export.

The code I’ve written is as follows:

| {% input custom.tekst.extra_info as:text %} | {% input custom.bijlage.bijlage as:file_collection %} |

The ‘error’ in my export doesn’t happen that much, but it shows up from time to time.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @LarsM,

This error in export can indeed occur in case your input text contains some enters. This can easily be resolved by putting the input field between ‘ic’-tags (so the field only displays in input) and by putting the content between ‘nic’-tags (so the content is displayed in export). Make sure you also use the ‘multiline_table’ when printing the content.

| {% ic %}{% input custom.tekst.extra_info as:text %}{% endic %}{% nic %}{{ custom.tekst.extra_info | multiline_table }}{% endnic %} | {% input custom.bijlage.bijlage as:file_collection %}

This should resolve your problem!

If not, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Hi @robindeclercq

Thanks for the clear answer. I copied it in my template and the problem is solved.