General information Silverfin Templating Language (links, slides, ...)

Online manual STL

Through this link you’ll find a manual constructed to guide you through Markdown & Liquid.
Keep in mind we’ll try to update and expand this documentation.

Slides Silverfin developer bootcamp

Level 1 (Beginners)
Level 2 (Intermediate)
Level 3 (Advanced)

Handy sites

Liquid for Designers : site with some theoretical explanations of Liquid-code
Cheat sheet common used tags : list of common used tags (date-filters, and others)
Official site Shopify - Liquid : official site of Shopify, who let customers build their own webshop through Liquid-code
GitHub Shopify : handy GitHub page from Shopify page from Silverfin : our own documentation site of Liquid for Silverfin
Info tags : handy clear site about common tags


Hi all, just to everyone know that I’ve added the slides from workshop 2 as well.

If anything changes for these slides, I’ll update it here with a new post.

If somethings are not clear, or should be differently, please, your feedback is greatly appreciated! :+1:


Hello everyone,

Just to let you know that the documentation in the slides will be updated very soon (next week) with more info and examples (exercises and solutions as well, which was missing in workshop I).
It will be split up by 3 presentations as well, because our free workshops are also given in 3 workshops.

So stay tuned!


The 3 presentations are uploaded (see first post for the link).

If anything changes, I’ll add it here. Don’t hold back to give feedback as well; greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello all,

Added new section with overview of handy sites about Liquid in the first post. Be sure to check it out, bc it might come in handy :ok_hand:

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Hi, I try link checklist WCO. Doesn’t work. Can you resend.

Hello @Christophe_Meesters,

What exactly do you mean, a link to the checklist of the WCO that doesn’t work anymore?
Could you post the link perhaps?

Hello future template builders of Silverfin,

There’s a new site in town, replacing the GitHub page:

This site features all kinds of info, in a much nicer overview. You can find everything there: names of drops and their database variables, methods that can be used, filters, … Everything you need if you’re a starter in STL.

Hope you all like it. A big step forward in the Silverfin Community and sharing documentation :muscle:

My future tech-accountants,

New slides have been added! :slight_smile:

These are the slides used for the Silverfin developer bootcamps, but keep in mind that for now, it’s a living document bound to change a bit :smirk:

Slides Silverfin developer bootcamp
Level 1 (Beginners)
Level 2 (Intermediate)
Level 3 (Advanced)

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Dag Sven,
Kan het zijn dat de link van Level 2 en Level 3 naar dezelfde content verwijzen? (Namelijk Advanced?)

Hi @Tsjelle,

Not anymore :see_no_evil:

Thanks for letting us known :relaxed:

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