Getting a "Something went wrong: Service unavailable" message when Importing reconciliation data (excel)


I created an upload template, and we have an excel sheet with 1,200 rows that is getting brought in. Today, however, I was getting this response when trying to upload:

It brings in some of the data, but not all of it. Wasn’t sure if maybe it was something you’ve seen before? It’s odd because we have uploaded this exact excel sheet many times before and haven’t seen this error message.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi @pgallagher,

It sure looks more like an issue on the platform than with the template.
Either your connection timed out at some point or something happened in the background while this file was still being processed.

Do you still encounter the issue with this excel sheet?
Do you encounter it with different excel sheets?

If you do, I recommend you reach out to, that way our engineers can have a look at why the import is failing here.

Kind regards,

Okay thank you. Yes, I am getting the same error message. So I will email support.