Handle and resulttage for template Algemen bedrijfsgegevens


I would like to use the value of a dropdown from the template Algemene bedrijfsgegevens (Handle: 2018_COMPANY_SPECIFICS / Virtual accountnr: taxtech_911001) in another template. What is the correct way to refer to this value?

Hi @b.dalle

to find out the name of any input you can always use “inspect” in your browser on the actual field.
For this particular one (in a test file) it looks like this:

To refer to any reconciliation text’s custom field you need:
period.reconciliations.[handle of the template].custom.[namespace].[key]

So in this case that’s period.reconciliations.2018_company_specifics.custom.rates.small_company

You’ll note that the questions asks whether the company is big, but in the back-end we capture whether it’s small. So if you answer the question with “No”, in the custom it actual stores “Yes”. A bit confusing, but that’s due to legacy.

Hope that helps,
kind regards

@b.dalle And in case you want to know which result tags are available, you can use the debug-mode.
More information here.