How to refer to an english or french name of an account

Below code shows name & number of the account. How can I refer to the ENG & FR name of the account?

{% for account in period.accounts.include_zeros %}
{{ account.number }};"{{ }}"
{% endfor %}


Hello @Warde,

For now, not yet possible but I added this to our feature list.

In the mean time, you could change the language setting of your user to display the correct name of an account. Or change your export bundle and change the language setting in there.

Could that be a workaround for you for now @Warde ?

Tx Sven, but the idea is to download the ENG account names in one file for use in a mapping for another file… so this won’t work.

Would be glad if this possibility would be available!


Agree :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll keep you posted @Warde

PS @Warde,

You could use this code by the way :

{% locale ‘en’ %}{{ }} {% endlocale %}

This locale-tag will make display the name in English as if your user was set that way with that language; could you give it a go with this?

Hey Sven, I got the solution using this!! Instead of ‘en’, I had to use “en” in the code however.



Great to hear @Warde ! :ok_hand:

Hey @Warde,

Just fyi

Tx for this reply Sven, good to know