How to use .link to a specific account?

Hi, I wonder why I cannot get a link when writing {{}}.
I get the value of the account if I write {{#138500.value}}, so I thought that I also could get the link.
If I first make a rage, it works with {{ }}, but I think it would be less code if I could just use the accountnumber directly.
{% assign accounts_range1 = period.accounts | range:138500%}
{% for account in accounts_range1 %}
| {{ }}

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When you’re using a statement such as #138500 to get an account, you’re actually calling a range that returns an accounts drop and this drop does not have a link method. The link method is connected to the account drop and that’s why it works when you loop through the accounts.

However if you’d like to add the link in a shorter way then you can call the .first method to return an account drop from your range:

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