Link to account templates: separate browser instance


I know that with linkto … endlinkto, you can go from (for example) {{account number}} {{account name}} to the details of the account itself. However, is it possible to make the details available in a separate browser instance instead of in the same screen (so you have to push ‘return to’ every time?


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Hey @Bart_Verhaeghe,

What exactly do you mean? You wish to open it in a separate browser, or that you’d want to see only the details (and not the whole page)?

The only thing we have to go to a section of a template, is this :

Might worth checking out, if that is what you mean ofc?

What he means is, when you click on a ‘linkto’, it opens in the page you are working, instead of a new tab (even if you ‘ctrl’ + click).
Personally, i would like it also in a new tab!

Well, I work on a mac and in the browser “Chrome” and there, with cmd + click, it works opening it in a new tab… @Thijs @Bart_Verhaeghe

Could you try it in different browser? Not sure how Explorer is handling this…

Tried it with explorer and chrome on windows and did not work.

Indeed Thijs, CTRL+click (as indicated when you want to open a link in a different tab in Chrome), doesn’t work in Windows.

I’ll make a feature request out of this @Bart_Verhaeghe @Thijs, because it’s something in our back-end code that needs to change.

Hi @sven,

Is there an update on this as we think this could be a useful feature, too!


I’m afraid not @jhanley. As soon as this is done, we’ll keep you informed