CASE: Link to an external url

If you want to link to an external URL within a template, you can do so by using this code:



[Silverfin support](


Silverfin support

Another option would be something like this:

{% linkto ""  %}Silverfin - structured data hub{% endlinkto %} 

Same output, but more aligned with the way we use Liquid-code

Hi Sven,

Is there any way to force open an external link in a new tab?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Gianluca,

there is no way to force it for all users, but by holding ctrl (or command for Apple users) while clicking you will open the link in a new tab.

Kind regards,


Hi @Michiel,

Thank you for your answer. Could this be added to the features request list?
Although we try to tell our 200 colleagues to use CTRL/CMD/Scroll click to open external links in a new tab, most of them forget about it and then have problems going back to SF when having navigated on the external website.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,