I have a 'Points Forward' reconciliation, each year it rolls over the data resets. Can I add a checkbox to retain the rollover data for next year?

Hi, hope the questions is clear but let me know if it’s not - one of our reconciliations is a ‘Points Forward’ page where any notes moving forward are stored, and in it’s current state there’s no capacity for retaining the PF information after a rollover.

If the PF are still pertinent, then the data has to be re-entered manually. If I add a checkbox, is there a way of forcing it to retain the data?

Hi @CDigbyRogers and welcome to the Community!

Any information is by default copied 1-1 into the same custom field when you do a copy from another period.
But you can manipulate this behaviour by using the rollforward tags.

If the fields currently don’t copy over, either you are rollforwarding to “nil” which empties the fields, or your custom variable names are dynamic in a way that they change depending on the period?

Let’s say the input field where you store a note is called custom.point_forward.note
And you have a checkbox custom.point_forward.relevant_next_period

In the code it could look like:

{% if custom.point_forward.relevant_next_period != true %}
  {% rollforward nil custom.point_forward.note %}
{% endif %}

→ If the checkbox is true, the data will be copied 1-1, as is the default behaviour
When the checkbox is false or blank, the note field will be emptied.

Let me know if you have any more questions or if I didn’t understand your question correctly,

kind regards

Hi Romy, thank you so much for your response.

I was going to try this out, but then noticed we’re using the Mercia template pack - UK & IE Mercia - Non-audit Manuals - BKL - Silverfin (getsilverfin.com), and I don’t appear to be able to make any changes. There’s a ‘Configuration’ box I can edit but it’s empty.

Is there a way to append something like a rollforward checkbox on the template packs, or would I need to create a new schedule replicate what’s in the Mercia pack ‘points forward?’

Hi @CDigbyRogers

You can add liquid code in the configuration box. The code in the configuration is treated exactly the same as any code we have in the rest of the template, but an important note is that the code of the configuration box is executed first. That means it can’t rely on local variables that are being created later on in the template.
So keep that in mind, but you could in theory add a checkbox and a rollforward condition in that configuration box indeed. As long as you’re only dealing with custom variables; that approach should work.

Alternatively, if you feel like the existing rollforward functionality of this template is incorrect and should be changed, you can submit a ticket to support@silverfin.com, where it will get passed through to the owner and your request will be evaluated.

Kind regards,