Issue with dropdown input

Good morning,

I have the below code that comes out a bit strange… Can you perhaps tell me what’s wrong with the input field that should actually be a dropdown menu?

{% if custom.approval.postponement == true %}

  1. {% capture title_approval_meeting %}Goedkeuring van het {% input custom.dropdown.postponement as:select options:“uitstel|vervroegen” %} van de jaarlijkse algemene vergadering van aandeelhouders{% endcapture %}{% input period.custom.title.approval_meeting default:title_approval_meeting assign:title_approval_meeting %} {% endif %}

Hi @lieels01 ,

What is it exactly that you are trying to do? It seems like you want to print an input as:select as default inside an input as text - that is of course not possible.

If you print title_approval_meeting separately it works fine.

Kind regards,

I found a solution, thank you! :slight_smile: