Template algemene vergadering

I try to make a field for input, choice between debet en credit en the next field choice between debet 9,27% and credit 4,37%. How can I do that ?

Hello @Decker,

Not sure if I understand you correctly. Can you be more specific (with a detailled example f.i.), and maybe post your code you already have?


This is the specific line:

Er werden {% input company.custom.debet.credit %} interesten aangerekend aan {% input company.custom.debet 9,27.credit 4,37 %} % op jaarbasis;

{% input company.custom.debet.credit %}
1.choice between debet or credit

{% input company.custom.debet 9,27.credit 4,37 %}
choice between debet 9,27% or credit 4,37%

Okay, let me see.

firstly though, your inputs are not correctly written. Custom variables always need to have 3 parts, and I remember it this way :


In your case it could be something like company.custom.av.intrests or period.custom.av.intrests. Why use period? Because I believe these inputs you want to create, a period-specific, no? If you use company, it will never be saved for a specific period.

For more detailled info, please check this link.

Also, I have the feeling you wish to create a dropdown-list of debet and credit, no?
You could use something like this :

{% input period.custom.av.intrests as:select options:'debet|credit' %}

Can this help you get further with your template @Decker ?

Ok i wish to create a dropdown-list where i have the choice between debet or credit.
If i use your example i see debet/credt but no choice.

Ok i found the solution and the template works like i want it to work.