Language of export document


When you create a style you can select a language eg. English. When you want to export this style in a file it is only possible in English even if the language of my personal account is Dutch and all texts are defined as {% t “text” %} and translations are available in my forms.

When I don’t select a language in my style I get an error when I want to use it in a file…

Is it possible to use 1 single style to export the same style in different languages depending on the language that I choose in my personal account?

Can anyone help me on this matter?


Hello @marnixcoudre,

Can you check this post too? I think it will be able to help you if it has to do with export modifications. Adjusting headers on exports


Hello Michail,

I know we can define a style in the advanced modus but I still have the same problem…

Can you please take a look at it?



@marnixcoudre just to be sure, are you talking about ‘exports’ (pdfs), or ‘export files’ (could be anything xml, csv, txt,…)

pdf files which we get if we generate an export of a style

I reread your question, it’s clear now.

It’s not possible to make the language of the export depend on your user language. If you want to expose something in different languages, it’s correct that you need to make several styles. (this behaviour is because we found that what templates are used, the cover, footers etc. also differ based on language)

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