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The language of the export is defined by the language in the style used for the export. I guess this is because the style also defines things like the cover page, footer,…, which could be language dependent.

This has the effect that we have to triple each style we make. We’re a large office, so the dropdown is getting pretty expansive. We have to do this for reports which are not really language dependent as well.

Wouldn’t it be an option to have a dropdown choice “User selection” as an additional option in the style? That way, we can decide for ourselves whether a template truly is language-dependent or not. In the export screen, the user could see either a read-only language option if the style is language-dependent, or an editable dropdown that’s defaulted to eg. the language as defined on the client level.

We’d be able to delete at least 15 styles if we had this option. That’s a pretty big one in terms of maintenance.

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Hi @Wsteppe ,

Thank you for your question and your suggestion.

We have pinged our engineers to have a look and provide some feedback. We’ll keep you updated!

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The suggestion made above is indeed a usefull one.
We also have the same group of styles, but in different languages.

We could also delete at least 18 styles if this would be possible.

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Hi @AlexanderDB and @Wsteppe ,

As promised, I’ve checked your suggestion internally and understood that we’ll consider your remarks when working on further improvements on export styles.

Can’t make any promises for this, but it’s definitely added to our backlog. If anything more concrete happens in this respect I’ll let you know!

Thanks again for the suggestion!

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