Period depended result tags in tax calculation

I notice when I’m changing the period the result tags in the tax calculations templates are also changing. Is this period (tax year) depended then? If so, then it’s difficult for us to make an other template or letter based on the result tags of these template.

Hi Peter,

Results are always linked to a specific period as values in templates are also associated with a particular period. If you want to get a result from the previous year for example you can do:


What’s your particular use case?


Hi Borja,

I’m was creating an management letter for the tax declaration and I did already all the work based on an previous period in an test dossier. I assigned the available results that I need to a variable so the amounts of the tax declaration can be used in the letter. Now the tax declaration is final, I had put the letter live and than I notice that a lot of amounts were not showing because of the result-tag was changed.
I know that each year there will be new result-tags due to new regulation, but to use always other result-tags (for existing tags) will make it difficult to maintain/update the letter.

for example: for gifts was the result-tag “gifts” and now “code_1601_D0” while for gifts there is nothing changed in the recent tax year. Personal I think the code of the declaration (new version) will be best, so there is no doubt which value you want to use.

Hi @Peter,

Indeed, some major updates took place on our tax templates, also including giving logical names to result tags. These new names only took effect as from tax year 2020, so all result names for previous tax periods remain unchanged (note that these updates already took place in March 2020).

To get a list of the latest result tags that are included in all templates I refer to these articles:

If your management letter for the tax declaration is used over different tax years, you probably need to update the result name if period.fiscal_year >= 2020.

Our apologizes for this inconvenience, however we believe the newly named results will be easier to use and have a positive effect on the readability and maintenance of the code on the long term.

Don’t hesitate if to ask questions if you have any doubts or concerns.

Kind regards,

Hi Robin,

I prepared the letter based on the declarations of last year because these declarations were already complete so I could compare the amounts in the new letter with our existing manual letter of last year, not knowing and expecting that the tags would change. So I was concerning that these would change every year.

Thanks for the clarification and I agree that the new names are better to use. I know what to do the next days :wink:

PS: If I may make a suggestion, it would be more useful if there was a short explanation of the tags in the published articles. Some of them are difficult to place (fe. “TLCF_CF_start” or “DRD_CF_end”)

Kind regards