Results tag for "Compensated tax losses"

Hi everyone,

Can someone tell me what’s the results tag of “Compensated tax losses”?

I couldn’t find the results tag in [General company details] (General company details).

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Nikhil,

If I’m not mistaken, is this value part of the tax calculation right (handle template: 2018_tax_module )? Have you checked there?

I looked in my demo-file but was unable to find the code (perhaps because my demo-data isn’t at all creating a value for that specific code).
I did see code 1722 being referenced as result tag code_1722_D0 so my guess is you need result tag code_1723_D0

Can you check?

Hi @sven

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I tried to check Tax Calculation template, but didn’t find any result tag that specifies only “Compensated tax losses”.

Since, Template “General Company details” has result tag of code_1721_D0, I tried code_1723_D0 but the result is empty(Null).

Is this result tag specified in any other templates?

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Ah, I see, so we can conclude here that it’s just not made available.

I’m going to file a request to include such result; keep you posted on that one

Hi @Nikhil,

The result tag you are looking for is coming from the tax module and is called code_N1436_D0.

So you access this by using period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.code_N1436_D0.

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