Personal income tax

These are the insight filters used during the FF2019 session about user interaction. In this session we used the personal income tax questionnaire which is available in Silverfin. The filters below are used to see if a client has answered the questionnaire after 7 days.

Filter 1: Has the questionnaire been send to the customer?

The accountant questionnaire (where the client prepares the questionnaire for the client) has a dropdown where the accountant can confirm is the questionnaire has been send to the client. The send result tag can be used to check if the accountant has send the questionnaire.

In insights, use the reconciliation data filter, select the personal income tax - accountant reconciliation and add the send result tag. It should be exactly “Yes”


Filter 2: Has the client filled in the questionnaire?

Checking if the client has filled in can be done by using the reconciliation data filter. The personal income tax - Client reconciliation should be selected in this case. Add the unreconciled tag and put it to exactly “No”. This way we will filter out the clients who haven’t filled in the questionnaire yet.


Filter 3: Has it been more than 7 days since the questionnaire has been send?

The following filter checks if it has been over 7 days since the questionnaire has been send. The reconciliation data filter is used again and the personal income tax - accountant reconciliation is selected. This time we will add the days_send result tag. It should larger than 7 days. This number can be adjusted as prefered.


The combination of these 3 filters will filter out all clients who haven’t filled in their form after 7 days.


A trigger can be added. This trigger is able to send a “Note” or a “Todo” to the filter companies. This can be checked daily or be done manually.

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