Populating drop down menu with manual inputs

The following is code attempting to populate a dropdown menu with the custom inputs made by a user:

I get the following liquid error, and the dropdown becomes blank if i edit code to say options:[array]

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hey @Spencer.Posner,

Instead of appending “;”, use a pipe “|” instead. The method options and option_values will only work with that.

Let us know if it works.

Unfortunately, the same results return. I also tried not splitting the array, but that did not work either.


It should work if you follow this logic:

{% assign my_array = "" %}

{% fori item in custom.categories %}
  {% input item.cat %}
  {% assign my_array = my_array | append:item.cat %}
  {% unless forloop.last %}
    {% assign my_array = my_array | append:"|" %}
  {% endunless %}
{% endfori %}

{% input custom.some.dropdown as:select options:my_array %} 

Same goes for the option_values. So you don’t need to split in the array; the pipes do that for you basically.