Quick example code with XBRL?


Just looking to test out XBRL for a client. Is there any example of code present I could use as a reference? I am just looking to add tags to maybe 1 or 2 numbers in the Balance Sheet. Just to demo. So as simple an example as possible would be really appreciated.

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Hi @pgallagher,

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Before we proceed with the question, could you please clarify whether you are interested in an example of XBRL or iXBRL code and whether you are familiar with the specifications for either of the files.



Hey @Daria_Bobukh

Just looked up the differences to learn a bit more (this is related for U.S. legislation).

iXBRL seems like the new standard in the U.S. required for 2021. So an example of iXBRL would be ideal.

After doing some research I know it is a mixture of HTML and XBRL it seems. In a document template I created this quick snippit of code in html format outputting a single account from the Trial Balance upload: (Link).

My question moreso I guess is - how do I embed iXBRL language/tagging into that single account? Any help would be much appreciated : ]


Hi @pgallagher,

We still need to document how XBRL-files can be created within Silverfin and the functions of iXBRL for example.
For now, we have started documented this internally, but we need to fine-tune this all before making this public.

I’ll inform your Project Manager in the mean-time to already give some info about it (sorry we cannot do it for now through this medium).

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