Result tags template Fleet


For the self employed companies I need to create our own template for the car costs (Disallowed allowances).

Can you give me a list of all the result tags from the template Fleet?

So I can create the new template?

Thanks a lot,


Hi @svalais ,

We don’t keep such overview of results in a fixed list, so nothing we can share in that perspective. What we would recommend you to do is have a look at the template Fleet in debug-mode in a certain file (by adding ?debug=true at the end of your URL).

More information about the debug mode can be found here: CASE: use debug mode.

In this debug panel there is a section called ‘Named results’ - when you check this in a existing file it might even give some more context as amounts will be allocated to the results so it will be made clear for what certain results are used.

Should you have questions about specific results, of course we’re happy to assist.

Kind regards,