How to only have the summary of the fleet template and not all the details?


I would like to print only the resume and not all the details of the fleet template.

Why? I don’t want to give to a controller the level of details of the fleet (too much details )
I only want to print the summary table above and not all the details of each cars .

Would it be possible to create another own reconciliation template (a copy of our fleet template) but with only the table ‘summary’ Silverfin
the purpose is to fill in and use the standard template of Silverfin but i would have a copy on the side with only the summary table . Example:

And this is the part , i will export in PDF .

How to do this?

Hi @Linda

Could you give me a list of the information you’d exactly need in your custom table?
I’ll then double check if all this data is available as results inside the template so you can extract it into another template.

Kind regards