Show capital repayments of previous years in evolution table

Is it possible to automatically display the capital repayments of previous years in the evolution table?
In my report i’m trying with the formula reconciliations.kredieten.results.done_prepayments.value
but this is not working.

In the preview of the amortisation table the repayments are displayed

and if i edit the reconciliation i think the “totaal_kapitaal_vv” is displaying the data
code here below

| | | {{ dent2 }}{{font_header}}{{ ‘Vervroegde Terugbetalingen’ | upcase }}{{end_font}} | | {% if emz %} | {%endif%}
{% for i in (ditjaar_index…ditjaar_index+number_of_years-1) %}
{% assign j = jaren_chron[i] | remove:‘.’ %}
{% assign totaal_kapitaal_vv = ‘totaalkapitaal’ | append:j | append:‘vv’ %}
{% assign totaal_intrest_vv = ‘totaalintrest’ | append:j | append:‘vv’ %}
{{font}}{{ [totaal_kapitaal_vv] | currency }}{{end_font}} |
{{font}}{{ [totaal_intrest_vv] | currency }}{{end_font}} |
{% if forloop.first %} | {%endif%}
{% endif %}

Hi @Maarten,

First of all welcome to the Silverfin Developer Community!

Is my understanding correct that you are trying to present a result coming from a reconciliation template in your report?

As explained here, you can indeed display results from a reconciliation template in a report:

So in order to use this, you need to make sure that you have created a result in your template and use the correct result name to fetch the value in the report.

In the code snippet you shared I don’t yet see a result that is created for the value of the “totaal_kapitaal_vv”.
Here you can find some more information on how you create a result:

Let me know if this works out for you or if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards,

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