Table Background Color Fill


I try to leverage the answer from the similar posts ([Background color])to solve this problem but the output is not what I expected. Could someone help tell me where it goes wrong?

This is the output:

This is my code:

{% stripnewlines %}
{% endstripnewlines %}

Hi @Mojo

in this case, the stripnewlines is breaking the table. Let’s take a closer look :

In the table you first start with the header (optional), secondly you define how the table should look like fi. alignment and in this case color. The third part consists of the actual text you want to see.

{% stripnewlines %}
{% newline %}
|{% t "abcde" %}
{% newline %}
{% endstripnewlines %}

The color is only visible in the export mode, so you will not see the color in preview.

If you want more info about the table structure, you can read this community-post : CASE: different table structures

Kind regards

Thank you, very helpful!