Time lag with results


I just noticed something … when you change the value of a certain variable in a template and when that variable is put into a result tag in the same template, the changes are not immediately reflected when that result is called upon in another template … is this possible and is there a way to speed up this ‘synchronization’?

If you want me to post an example, please tell me :-).


Hi @Bart_Verhaeghe,

About how many delay we are talking here? Keep in mind that result tags need to load in the background; in order to do so, Silverfin has to access (or load) every reconciliation template that has result tags. We do certain things in the background to already speed up this process though…

In practise I’ve never seen a delay more than 1 second to be honest (could be related to the amount of result tags I was testing). Did you experience more?

Hi Sven, yes I did … Sometimes a few

Maybe that’s because we’re working with a central file with lots of result-tags that are called upon by other (reconciliation and text) templates … could that be the reason?



This is an example of strings that do not update immediately:

in a given reconciliation template, I constitute strings with ‘geslacht’ for each director:

str_AlleLeidinggevenden_VolledigeNamen: Aob Consulting|Berdelant ASBL|Colruyt Piet|Dierick Mark|Ertveldt Goedele|I Structure BVBA|Ottevaere Karl|Re-Vive NV

str_AlleLeidinggevenden_Geslachten: -|-|M|M|V|-|V|- (I put ‘Ottevaere Karl’ as V(rouwelijk) just to test this.

These strings are put into a result tag in the reconciliation template (with handle ‘BedPar_Ref’) in the following way:

{% result 'str_AlleLeidinggevenden_VolledigeNamen' str_AlleLeidinggevenden_VolledigeNamen %}
{% result 'str_AlleLeidinggevenden_Geslachten' str_AlleLeidinggevenden_Geslachten %}

In a text template, I access these variables in the following way:

{% assign str_AlleLeidinggevenden_VolledigeNamen = period.reconciliations.BedPar_Ref.results.str_AlleLeidinggevenden_VolledigeNamen | strip %}
{% assign arr_AlleLeidinggevenden_VolledigeNamen = str_AlleLeidinggevenden_VolledigeNamen | split:'|' %}
{% assign str_AlleLeidinggevenden_Geslachten = period.reconciliations.BedPar_Ref.results.str_AlleLeidinggevenden_Geslachten | strip %}
{% assign arr_AlleLeidinggevenden_Geslachten = str_AlleLeidinggevenden_Geslachten | split:'|' %}

But the update doesn’t happen quickly … what am I doing wrong here?

The more result-tags all recon templates have, the more it’ll need time to load the working papers. But this shouldn’t be that long at all to be honest.

We should examine this more throughly, if the delay is really that long. Could you guide us to an example on how to simulate this in your environment? @Bart_Verhaeghe

OK Sven, and what do you need exactly to simulate this in our environment?

Just the names of the text template and the reconciliation template (the strings described here are already outputted on the screen)?


Well, for this it might be an idea to record your screen and simulate it for us if you don’t mind? You can send the video session through our chat or support@silverfin.com

I think that’s the best way.