Urgent: value is't shown

In this detail, the value is’t shown… Is my code wrong or is it a problem of Silverfin itself?

The code:


{% if custom.detail.goederen == blank %}{% assign goederen_range = '75'%}{% else %}{% assign goederen_range = custom.detail.goederen %}{% endif %}
{% assign goederen = period.accounts | range:goederen_range %}

| Ontvangen intresten zichtrekening {% input custom.detail.ontvintrzicht as:account_collection range:7 default:'75' accounts_var:ontv.intrest.zicht %} |{{ 1*ontv.intrest.zicht.value | currency %}}
| Ontvangen intresten spaarrekening {% input custom.detail.ontvintrspaar as:account_collection range:7 default:'75' accounts_var:ontv.intrest.spaar %}|_{{ 1*ontv.intrest.spaar.value | currency}}_
| **Totaal**      | **{{ 1*ontv.intrest.zicht.value+ontv.intrest.spaar.value | currency }}**

The correct code is selected:

But the value isn’t shown…

Hello @Fiduciaire.Eulaers,

It’s better that you post topics under “Templates” instead of “General”, otherwise we don’t get triggered that quickly :wink:

You use following variable : accounts_var:ontv.intrest.zicht

I’m afraid you can’t do that, because a variable can only exists in maximum 4 parts (seperated by a dot). More info on that here

You could use this instead : accounts_var:ontv_intrest_zicht
And then you’ll be able to display the value of that variable by {{ ontv_intrest_zicht.value | currency }}

Can you try again?

Also, this code :

{% assign goederen = period.accounts | range:goederen_range %}````
has no really use (unless you use it somewhere else of course)