User drop possibilities


I would like to know if there is any way I could do the following:

  1. Generate a list of users (ideally followers of a dossier) within a template, so I can code a for user in userdrop
  2. Only show parts of a template to staff users, not external users, is there something like a user.type available?

Hi Ronald,

Unfortunately this is not possible at the time. We can only access the “User Drop” and get information (name and email for now) of the current user.

Kind regards.

That’s a shame! Any chance I can request this as a feature?

Of course! I will check this with our core team and let you know if there are any plans related to this for the near future.

Hi Ronald,

I checked this with our core team, and this user.type functionally is not something that we are planning to include in liquid for now. The main reason is that it would allow to have different templates results, and also different reconciliations state, depending on which user is viewing the template.
So, the alternative approach, and how it is currently done by other users, is to have two separate templates, and only sharing with external users the template that is made for that purpose.

Hi Augustin,

Thanks for checking this for me. I’ll look into the alternative you suggested.