Using period.custom.x to link a variable to a book year

Hi Sam, Robin, Sven,

Maybe a basic question, but how can I link a variable that changes every book year but does not change every period in that book year (e.g. every three months)

For example: I’d like to determine whether a company is ‘big’ or ‘small’ in a given book year. If I link this info to period.custom.x, it changes every three months (if the periods for the company are determined as changing every three months). Now, I don’t want this, I want to make sure this info stays the same for every period in a book year.

How can I achieve this?


This might work:

{% assign fiscal_year = period.fiscal_year %}
{% input company.custom.size_of_company.[fiscal_year] placeholder:"Size of company" %}

Hi Sam,

Thanks, this works!