Vaste toelichting aanpassen

Is het mogelijk om de programmeercode aan te passen van een vaste toelichting als die al gebruikt werd in verschillende dossiers?

Hello @Matthijs,

How exactly do you mean? You wish to update one of the templates of the template collection? Because that, you cannot do.

Only thing you can do, is copy the code of the template, and make a new blanc template with the pasted code.
That way, you’ll have 2 templates but the official template (template collection) you can easily put it on inactive for users not to use anymore.

Hope this helps you.


That’s a pity, I simply want to change in the fixed explanation: Equity, the word “liquidatieresereve” in "LIQUIDATIERESERVE because off the other balance sheet accounts are also in upper/print letters.

Sorry to disappoint you @Matthijs, but it’s the only option.

If all the files in your Silverfin are with upcase, it might be worth to consider this, I guess