VAT code in transaction line

I was wondering if it is possible to get the VAT code (or VAT amount) of a transaction. I cannot seem to find it. Where can I view all possible fields for a transaction?

Hi Ronald

If the VAT code or VAT amount is data that you upload to Silverfin, then you should be able to see it as a column when you open the ledger of an account, if it’s there, you can access it through the transaction drop:

Two things to bear in mind here when accessing non-standard columns are:

  1. You should replace spaces (’ ‘) and points (’.’) by underscores (’_’).
  2. The spelling of the column header you want, needs to be respected. In the view of a ledger everything is capital but when you want to access it in the transaction drop, it needs to written with the same capitalization as it was originally uploaded.

For example
If I want to target a column that was uploaded as ‘Doc. Nr.’ , then it will appear as DOC. NR. in Silverfin, but I’ll need to call Doc__Nr_ on the transaction.

You can read more about how to use the custom columns in the transaction drop here:

Kind regards

Thanks @Wouter_Bruynsteen, we are using the Exact Online connection that was build by Silverfin, so I’m not uploading my own data. Therefore I do not know which fields are available.

So the question is more, is it in the transaction line that is fetched from Exact in the standard connection.

The columns that are being synced in a standard Exact Online connection are Boekingsdatum, Comm., Relatie, Doc.Nr., Dagb. and Waarde. So unfortunately you won’t be able to access the VAT code or amount directly based on these columns.

Hi @Wouter_Bruynsteen,

Thanks for clearing that up. This is what I thought, but just wanted to make sure.