Account range report


Is it possible to exclude some accounts from the account range in only one report?

I want some specific unassigned accounts mentioned out of the range of one specific report.

So the moment when a new account is used, for example R.650007, the report still has to point out that this new account isn’t assigned yet.

I think I can’t fix the problem by inputting every specific account into the account range, because new added accounts won’t be pointed out as ‘not assigned’.

How can I fix this problem?

Thx !!

Hello @JurgenCoene,

Seems to me this is related to the general function of report templates (and not per se related to Liquid language).

You should follow this:

So yes, you can exclude some ranges from a report as wel:

Hope this helps! If unclear, you can contact our helpdesk through the chat or and they’ll be gladly helping you on your way to set-up these reports!
If I misunderstood your questions and it is indeed related to the Silverfin Templating Language, let me know, thanks